Overview of the 2024
Fantasy Football DFS Package

MyFantasyFix DFS 2024 Subscriptions are live!

Building meaningful DFS lineups is what seperates winning by chance verses winning with favorable probabilities. Being a leading in sports statistical forecasting, we base our projections and lineup building on mathematically back tested models that have a proven track record of success. Let us help you build that winning lineup all season long.


  • Lineup Optimizer - A fully customizable lineup optimizer that allows you to set player exposure limits, total team ownership percentage, mix/max salary cap limits, type of position stacks, and much more!


  • Fully Exportabable CSV Lineups - Planning to mass multi-entry? Our optimizer is designed to export your personal, customized lineups into the format for the site you're playing. Simply download from our site and upload to theirs.


  • Accessible Statistical Database - This is an exciting one for us because while we've long been viewed as a leader in advanced statistics, subscribers have never had an easy way to tap into all that data. That's all changed now that we put the database online and made it fully dynamic, allowing for the add/removal of stat columns, filters, and sorting. This means you can view as many or as few stats as you need, and display them exactly as you want.


  • Industry-Leading Projections - Powered by the Fantistics' player projections, one of the most accurate in the industry, and adapted for the daily game and the individual scoring for FanDuel, DraftKings and Yahoo.


  • Fantistics Weekly VAM Ratings- In addition to the projections, subscribers also get access to the exclusive VAM rating (value above mean), previously only available in the Fantistics Draft Advisory Program for season long, letting you compare players across positions to help you decide whether you're better off paying up at running back or at wide receiver.
  • Player Ownership Projections - We've partnered with Unsourced Fantasy Collective to display their industry-leading ownership projections directly in our optimizer.

These Tools Are Incredible, But This Sounds Expensive:

You're right, the tools we're offering are comprehensive and designed to be better than anything else you'll find around the industry. The good news? We believe you should be investing your money into your lineups, not spending all your money on research. For the entire NFL season, you'll get access to every tool and premium feature for $79.95 (A $30 savings off the regular $109.95 pricing). Click on this link to register today: https://www.fantistics.com/amember/signup/mff

Do you Play both Season Long and DFS? Double the Savings and get both the DFS Tools and the Touchdown package for $139.95, a $30 bundle Savings! Click here to purchase.

After I joined MyFantasyFix.com and built lineups from their recommendations, I went from breaking even to winning over 70% of the time over the course of a week on FanDuel in head to head and 50/50 matchups. I can't even begin to express my gratitude for the work they do and I'd honestly consider not playing as much as I do now if this service was gone tomorrow....This is a no brainer service. -@sports4steve

Results matter to all of us and if you want to improve your game the place to go for the most detailed breakdowns of games and player matchups is Myfantasyfix.com. I can happily say that the guys over at myfantasyfix.com have taught me so much about what to look for with matchups in games and how to properly research players that I quickly became a consistent winning player. Football season is here so join up and reap the rewards! -John O. aka Razz

A subscription to MyFantasyFix is a must for any serious DFS player. With industry-leading analysis and valuable email alerts, MyFantasyFix is a staple to my daily routine. I consider it a major key to my success. -bripc23

I just wanted to tell all of you working on myfantasyfix.com that your daily fix for MLB has increased my profits on DFS over 600% this season. Your site is a must have for anyone who is serious about making money on DFS. The season fee for your MLB package paid for itself in one night. Thanks again for all your support and I look forward to the NFL fix this fall. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you in the DFFC this season. - ffhorseshoe