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Fantistics Football Subscriber Testimonials

In our 2008 season ending survey we asked subscribers if they were interested in submitting a testimonial that we could publish:

A lot of websites and periodicals tout their player rankings and average draft positions and it seems like everyone has the same views. Fantistics' goes above the public opinion and ranks players insightfully to provide a distinct advantage on the most important day of fantasy football.....draft day. 2008 examples include Matt Forte, Roddy White, and Brandon Marshall just to name a few. Thank you, Fantistics! (Jon Crumley)

A Necessary Purcahse for competitive Fantasy Sports Managers (Stuart Shay)

A wonderful tool for both draft day and during the season. I find the insight of the writers to be much better than what the other team owners in our league have been using. (Dennis Uszak)

As a first time Fantasy Football participant (long time Fantasy Baseball participant), I found your software and thruout season data essential. Yes there was a learning curve (as I was unfamiliar with 90% of the football players), but once I learned the players, this was great. I also appreciated the timeliness of your information. By 7:30AM every morning, I had a new update waiting for me to review. Highly recommend it to a newcomer to the "sport" as well as to the veteran. (Steve Krebs)

Bad year performance wise for me this year. Didn't break the top half in two of my leagues. I have won or came in second or thrid the last two years with you guys.I guess I can't win every year! Hopefully next year will be better! (Brae Hulery)

Because of key inj's you help me find the trending hot players....THANKS!!! I'll take the seconds this year because you have help me take first numerous times... IS IT TIME TO DRAFT YET???? See you in "09" (Steven Woudenberg)

By win above (42) I take as first place and I know this is all luck so I am very happy with my season. Look forward to next year. My first season with some big players were amazed with my trading skills Thanks to you fantistics! (jeb bartow)

Draft rankings really helped me. I drafted Bush and Roddy White b/c of the draft rankings and they tore it up...until Bush was injured. (Rob Kelch)

Draft software is un-matched. When I don't take it recommendation I burn myself. Save me hours of study time. Weekly Player Projections are a must since I travel and are not able to study as much as I should each week. It always give me a comptitive lineup each week. (Jeff Schwartzkopf)

During the 2008 survey we asked subscribers if they were satisfied enough to return in 2009:

  • Yes: 92%

  • Maybe: 7%

  • No: <1%

Drew Dinkmeyer's insight and analysis alone is making me re-subscribe for next season. His quick responses and emails have secured me a pllace in the Finals! (David Bilu)

Even though I drafted last in my league, I won both the regular season and playoffs in my league, in large part thanks to some "sleeper" picks I took in the later rounds which were identified by your drafting software. In the playoffs your web site identified defensive matchups which were the difference in two very tight games. (Peter Schoaff)

Excellent all around fantasy football product. (Michael Bucolo)

Excellent draft software and very good in season analysis helped me win my league (Rob Keating)

Excellent product ... I have been a subscriber for about 6 years...this year I decided to use your projections exclusively and I finished 2nd of 12 teams and am playing in the superbowl this week. Other years I have used your system and mingled it with other systems to make predictions and have never finished this good. From now on I will follow your predictions and use your software exclusively. (John Stabler)

Excellent program!! I felt I was getting information before my opponents, and that made a huge difference in my league. Projections and the draft day software is best in the business. I'll be with Fantistics for years to come!! (Chase Pryor)

Excellent statistical analysis and draft projections (0000000926 Anonymous)

Fantistics has the best formula for drafting and maintaining your teams in fantasy football. The pick-up recommendations are great, and the insight on players and situations in the NFL are second to none. I owe much of my success this season to Fantistics. Thanks, and I look forward to subscribing again next year. (Kelvin Bailey)

Fantistics helped me draft a stacked team that was 14-1 heading into week 16, but the combination of Warner and the blizzard and Frank Gore's ankle blew me up. No fault of Fantistics, though. Thanks for the help throughout the season! (Michael Procton)

Fantistics is by far the best spurce for fantasy information. It has helped me year after year in both football and baseball! Thank you and keep up the good work! (robert day)

Fantistics is the best. I won both my leagues this year and was able to recover from loosing my 1st round pick Tom Brady in each league. I have been using Fanistics for 9 years now and I think its the best fantasy sports tool ever! Up to date and flexible (Joe Pawlisz)

Fantistics pays for itself every year and I find it very helpful. The Draft day tools are excellent and it is nice to show up to the draft with a plan that is flexible based on what others draft. Besides it is a lot of fun to be the guy that always picks the hot runner right before the next guy does. (Chris Abbott)

Fantistics provides the very blueprint for a successful season. (Mark Mittleman)

See the details of the Player Projections Software

Four year using of using Fantistics and I've made the play-offs in 7 out of 9 leagues. It gives me the confidence to start the right players each week and make some great pickups on the waiver wire throughout the season. Fantisitics makes the most accurate predictions of player performance I've seen in all my years of playing Fantasy Football. (Doug Burrell)

Great job guys I finally won my league (ray billman)

Great service the draft tool is the best I have ever used. Since using this system I have always been in contention for league championship. (Robert Lamer)

Great site with the most "realistic" projections you'll find anywhere (Ron Cook)

Great software. Please get it on the MAC. I'll write a version for the iPhone if you want (I'm a programmer) (James White)

Great source to stay ahead of the competition. I knew about free agents to pick up well before anyone else! (Mike Thome)

Great tools for the money, especially if you participate in multiple leagues. (John Nelson)

I am the only person in my league who subscribes to your service - as a result, I was in first place for most of the season and could very well win the leage championship! Thanks, Guys...it has been a lot of fun!! (Jack Knorek)


I can't watch and analyze every game, its great to know guys who do! (bill mackenzie)


Experienced Fantasy Football GMs utilize the Fantistics service! Over 83% of Fantistics Football members have over 5 years playing experience. Below is the experience of level of last season's subscribers:

Greater than 10 years


Between 3-5 years


Between 7- 10 years


2 years


Between 5-6 years


1 year


I drafted Tom Brady with my 1st pick in both leagues. I used every tool available on the fantistics web site in order to regroup. Winning both of my leagues says alot about your site. (Troy Beaugard)

I eagerly await the daily mailings from Fantistics for both football and baseball and have done so for many years. It's obvious they work hard to deliver a very comprehensive product. (John Greise)

I find your draft day package to be outstanding... It's very easy to use and has consistently got me in to the playoffs!!! (Joe Carey)

I finished 2nd in my league in points just couldn't get the wins. Losing Brady week 1 definitely didn't help. (David Freeman)

I followed almost to the letter the recommendation on roster moves (Picked up Matt Forte in week 2) and the weekly line up recommendations. 17-2-1 record for first place, following a fifth place finish last year. (Michael Beran)

I found your software very helpful when drafting the mid-round/sleeper player to fill the roster. These player are the ones you use to fill in for byes and injuries. The information given was very helpful. It allowed me to make good decisions to draft players like Chris Johnson, Kevin Walter, and the big one Adrian Peterson with my #1 instead of L.T. (Brian Crosby)

I had a great draft and great season. Count me in for 2009. (Don Hallwachs)

I have been using Fantasy Football Fantistics for at least 4 years if not more. I have placed in the money every year with their help. I work quite a bit of hours and don't have a lot of time to search all over the net. I trust Fantistics as my primary source for draft and weekly information. I believe the additional data along with the weekly rankings give me an edge on my competition. (Mike Agraan)

During the survey we asked subscribers what their overall Impression of Fantistics was:

  • Great Content: 87%

  • Good Content: 12%

  • Poor Content:  <1%

I have used this website and it's tools for several seasons and the constant updates to injuries and player status plus the projections tools have helped me become a repeat defender of my title. Injuries can never be projected so excluding that this website is top notch (Stephen Capozzoli)

I just won my Fantasy Football League and Iíve been a member of Insider Football for a few years now. I finished my division tied for 1st with a 9-4 record and just won the super bowl 323-322 !! Thanks again for a wonderful product and I look forward to future memberships! Keep up the great work! (Kevin Ferrabelo)

I love this site. (Daren Moos)

I love this software. Almose every year I have used it, I have finished in the top 2 of my primary league. The only year I didn't finish in the top 2 was when my top two picks were injured early in the year. The draft projections are very accurate. Thank you for everything! (Tony McClure)

I played in 16 leagues and made the finals in 6 of them and did not have a team finsih worse than .500. I could not have done it without Fantistics which I relied on heavily for my draft, my waiver wire pickups, and my starting lineups each week. (Lee Silver)

I played in 3 leagues, with 3 vastly different scoring systems. Had a used a single "cheetsheet" (ie, from a magazine), it would not have adjusted for the varying scoring systems, and that "one size fits all" approach would not have given me any advantage whatsoever as against the other owners. Adapting the Cheetsheet to a leagues scoring system, no matter how biazzare, is a huge advantage. It is remarkable how different the rankings are when the leauges own unique scoring system is input. (Mark Kruse)

I religiously checked the News Tracker, the Weekly Projections, and the Opposition Matrix to set my line-up. Only once out of 17 weeks could I have done better by going with my "gut" feeling. (Paul Schafer)

I scored the most points in my league. I just got unlucky and didn't have a good record. (Kevin Bosworth)

I started using Fantistics 5 years ago. Since then, i have finished in the money 4 out of 5 years. The other year i did not make the playoffs because of a tie breaker. (Michael Currie)

I think this is a great service. I used the software to finish in 2nd place in 2006 and 2007 and won it all in 2008. A mini dynasty in the making perhaps. (Bill Toler)

i truly beleve in fantistics and all the information they provide. It is up to the indivdual to utilize everything provided.With Fantistics I feel I am one step ahead of everyone. (robert gutierrez)

I was able to stay competitive all year. I did not score the most points, infact I was 9th out of 12 teams-but I still tied for first place by making changes from informationI received from you folks. A great service and I look forward to the baseball season. (Ken Mrowiec)

I was skeptical of the initial pricing...but found the service helpful. It gave me another tool in winning the league championship. (Dennis Comfort)

I was the #1 seed in all 3 of my leagues. Thanks! (Marc Bosscher)

I wish you could tell me when a player is going to break his nose in the middle of a game!! :) (or any other game ending injury!!!) For week 16 in the championship game, I missed tieing by 1 point!!! McNabb let me done!!! I love your product!!! It is the best time saver in FFL research I have found! The Offensive Projections and Rankings are my favorite and most used item. Though the draft software is a close second. Your software was a major key to my success this year, which was my most successful in 7+ years of FFL. (Matt McKinley)

I won my league thanks to FANTISTICS! I have played Fantasy Football for ten years and never finised better than third. The Draft Day setion is second to none and made it easy for me during my draft to select the players I needed to win the Championship. (John Swan)

During the survey we asked subscribers what their impression was of our 2008 player projections:

  • Excellent/Great Projections: 85%

  • Good Projections: 13%

  • Poor Projections:  2%

I've used both your football and Baseball draft software for 6 years and will continue to because the information that I receive helps in preparing for the draft and the daily and weekly moves needed to be in contention for championships in both football and baseball. (Walter Kelley)

If you are a serious fantasy sports competitor and you must have the edge. You must have the most accurate, and up to the minute information available to you. You must have Fantistics. (John Spillane)

Im in a cut-throat league with very experienced FF coaches and this software really did give me the help I needed to finally beat them. When it came time for the championship match, a little personal assistance from your staff was greatly appreciated. Thanks Anthony. I will be back next year and always tell others about your software.. others being people not in my league :-) (Michael Reilly)

In my primary league I was in the Super Bowl for the 5th time in the last 7 years, winning my 3rd straight championship. I also finished 1st in total points for and have never finished lower than 2nd in 9 years. I appreciate the continued efforts and support Fantistics provides. (Steve Rickard)

In the 3 years I've been a member I've scored the most points in the leage, won the league and set the record for most points in a season. Ive been in position to win it all 3 years running. Can't ask for more than that. (Todd Weniger)

Insight you provide cannot be found anywhere else (Mike Davis)

It is my Bible! (Doug Montgomery)

Made the top scorer 4 / 16 weeks in one of my leagues and 3 /16 in the other one. (Durward Smith)

My team did not seem that good, a few household names but not too many, but I was able to make it deep into the playoffs using your site. I would recommend it, just not to any one in my league. I want to keep my edge. (Jason Burgess)

Once again you got me ready for the draft and and great insight on Boldin! (John Logue)

Once again you have delivered on your promise to provide us with the best analysis for Fantasy Football. I have been with you for 8 seasons and will be with you for 8 more. Keep up the good work as you continue to give me an edge on my competition. (Chris Rau)

Thanks to Fantistics, my first ever Fantasy season was a big success -- first in the regular season and second in the playoffs. I certainly am not telling the others in my league where I got my analysis and great ideas!! (Rob Ball)

The draft day program was the envy of my friends-- I had such a slick system going thanks to you all ..while others were shuffling papers and drafting folks already taken--- I was in totally calm and in control. (although I drafted just terribly-- but you don't have to print THAT!) (Susan Ballard)

The information & draft software that you provide is the best. I subscribe to both baseball & footballeach year and the amount of time that it saves me in draft preperation and the results I get is incredible! (Steve Lenderman)

The overall service with the updates, information, projections, matchups, etc is fantastic. I will definately be coming back next year (Jared Martarano)

The program and continueing service togheter make a great tool for winning at fantasy football, particularly for someone like myself who does not have a lot of extra time to do the research. (Rainey Milligan)

There is a lot of information out there so your site provides a different opinion from what everyone else is reading, i.e. yahoo, cbs, fanball. I find the site and software to be useful and the draft software is very useful - it keeps me organized and on top of the draft so I can stay focused and not be playing catch up the whole time. (Shawn Hill)

This is a good program that really gives players the information they need to make intelligent moves. (Tim O'Neill)

This product was very useful. I saw big results. (Jacob Martinez)

This site gives you the facts in an easy to apply manner. The manager must use the information wisely. (Rich McGhee)

This site helped me to the playoffs in both of my leagues. I am in the Championship in 1, and because I started Seneca Wallace (vs. St. Louis) over Big Ben (vs Baltimore), I lost! So much for the 13-1 record Fantistics helped me with! (Michael McVay)

This was my first season using your information, and I won my league championship. Your draft software is so good, it makes me feel like I have an unfair advantage over the competition on draft day. I'm sold on your product! I used your baseball service for the firt time this summer, as well, and won my first championship. I decided to use your football service for the first time, and came out on top again. As long as you stay on top of your game, I feel like I'll be able to stay on top of mine. Keep up the good work! (Barry Lane)

Very good product. Tried to use all the info to set up my teams. Had a great season but suprisingly did not win any of the leagues. (taner kasal)

While no forcasting is 100% by sticking to the overall scheme i was able to win my chanpionship this year. i ended the season ranked 1st in wins, scoring, power ranking and coaching. (Phil Maguire)

You continue to set outstanding standards for fantasy football information. I have won my league twice in the last seven years and finished no worse than fourth of sixteen teams during that stretch. This is an auction league, the owners know football, and your edge has been my difference. Kudos to you all! (Steve Shaw)

You guys nailed Ladanian Tomlinson this season saying he was getting old and production will likely drop, etc. He fell off the wagon and helped me avoid a major disaster. Thanks. (Brook Parker)

Your team at Fantistics did a overall good job - i would like 2 see the player pick-ups done a little earlier - maybe you can start a section called "players to watch" which you guys can put out a little before the pickups - just in case your pick ups- suck (scott Anonymous)


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